With the expansion of online platforms and more consumers heading online to check reviews before making a purchase the importance of honest and trustworthy testimonials is rapidly increasing. The reality is that some reviews are fake, some may be real and others may be paid for.

In June 2016 the International Consumer Protection & Enforcement Network (ICPEN), a network of consumer law regulators from around the world, released a set of guidelines for the collection, moderation and publication of online reviews.

ICPEN guidelines caution review administrators to:

  • Be equal and fair in the collection of reviews – regardless of whether they are positive or negative
  • Disclose where they have offered incentives to consumers to write reviews
  • Be alert and proactive in the moderation of reviews
  • Be transparent in the publication of reviews

Hotels.Org is a not-for-profit organization with no commercial relationship with any third party. Hotels.Org allows AdSense advertising as a means of funding the publication of this website, which users can choose to click onto or otherwise to ignore. Our mission statement is to publish “real reviews by real people”.

Consumer reviews are the digital age’s best form of advertisement and so it’s critical that the information presented is accurate and reliable. The ICPEN guidelines, to which Hotels.Org fully adheres, emphasise the need for online reviews to be based on genuine public experiences only. We request that in the interest of all parties that the public be honest in your reviews and testimonials.

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